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Author: Caro

How safe is Marseille?

Marseille simply has a bad reputation. That’s a fact. So, it’s totally okay to ask yourself: How safe is Marseille? During our stay we realized that the city has a shadow but it’s not as bad as you might think. We cannot give you a 100 % safe guide through the city. But we can describe what we have experienced while visiting Marseille and give you some tips about where you rather should not go and where you can fully enjoy the beauty of the city.

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The 10 best viewpoints in Marseille

Big cities always have this electrifying charm: speedy live, lots of traffic, thousands and thousands of people. And yet, it’s still kind of great if you can be able to escape that from time to time. Besides that, we just love to have some spots only to ourselves – not just for the peace but also for creative moments while taking pictures. During our stay in Marseille we looked for that quiet and maybe even secret spots and found the 10 best viewpoints in Marseille.

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